As your business operations expand, you are confronted with another bigger challenge, find a warehouse to rent. One of the questions that business owners ask themselves is “where can I get a warehouse space for rent near me” There are different industrial rental warehouses in almost every part of major cities and industrial hubs. This means that renting a warehouse is the more viable option for business owners as opposed to buying one. When you buy a warehouse, the cost factor on your business is immense. This could pose a serious risk to the financial liquidity of the business particularly for businesses in the expansion phase. Instead of asking yourself; where can I get a warehouse space for rent near me, think about how leasing one of the many industrial rental warehouses in Orlando. Below are some tips of finding the best warehouse space for rent near me.

Determine your Industrial Needs
Some gods require specialized storage and depending on the nature of goods that your business handles, ensure that the warehouse space has the capacity to handle the same. In most cases, there are businesses that deal with goods or even services that require constant movement. This means that when leasing a warehouse, these businesses should take into consideration accessibility to the storage area. Other types of goods require refrigeration. For these types of goods, ensure that the warehouse space has refrigeration services to easy business operations.

Analyze the Lease Agreement
Commercial leases sometimes pose a serious challenge for startups mostly because some people don’t quite understand lease agreements. How can I find a warehouse space for rent near me-you could be asking. Well, start by understanding the different types of leases. There are two major types of commercial leases. There are gross leases that require the tenant to pay a higher rent since this rent covers things like taxes, maintenance, insurance, utilities and other related expenses. This leasing option is easier since you only have to make one payment and be able to focus on the operations side of your business while the warehouse owner handles other issues. The other type of commercial leases is net leases. These require the tenant to pay the base rent in addition to pro-rata share and other expenses associated with the warehouse storage.

Visit the Commercial Property
With the recent technological advancements, it is possible for you to search for an distribution warehouse space at the comfort of your home. Once you identify the commercial space, the warehouse might loo perfect online. Don’t be the person who takes things at face value. Schedule an appointment and visit the property for a thorough assessment on whether the said warehouse space meets your needs. Most people often begin a warehouse search by trying to figure out; where can I find a warehouse space for rent near me. But, what happens after you find the warehouse will determine the success of your business. Do a walk-through in the commercial storage in Orlando and even if you are not the one doing the search, describe to your real estate agents any special features that you will require the commercial space to have.

Seal the Deal
One you have settled on a warehouse for rent in Orlando, visited the property and familiarized yourself with the different types of commercial leasing agreements, request from the owner a pro-forma copy of the lease agreement. List down each aspect of the agreement just to make sure that the terms are agreeable with you. When you are reviewing the lease, make sure that the contents are clear and that there are no obscure terms related to important issues such as costs and maintenance. You need to understand the basics of the agreement and in particular if there are any hidden costs. Experts recommend that the lease agreement be reviewed in the presence of a commercial real estate attorney. The attorney is there to ensure that your rights are not violated before signing the lease.