10 Benefits of Having a Professional Sign

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These are 10 benefits of having a professional sign.

1. More Sales, More Money
The first of the 10 benefits of having a professional sign focuses on those modern digital signs that may earn your business an average of 30% more in sales over traditional signage. According to a survey, shoppers are 40% more likely to purchase from merchants that use digital signs.

2. Keep Up With the Competition
The global digital signage market is estimated to reach $20.03 billion US dollars by the year 2020 according to the Grand View Research Inc. If this trend is anything to go off of, it is expected that digital advertising methods will dominate the market by 2020.

3. Define Your Business Against the Competition
63% of adults admit that digital signs catch their attention. Statistically, consumers find signs from an electric sign company are 58% more unique, 53% more interesting, and 48% more entertaining than traditional signs while maintaining that they are simultaneously 26% less annoying than other forms of media.

4. Imprint Your Location on Your Customers
A survey found that 35% of people would fail to find and buy from a business if there was no sign to indicate its location.

5. More Average Customer Views
An average customer will see your sign about 2 times in a single day–that amounts to 60 easy advertisements per month.

6. A Small Cost Relative to the Advertising Power
Investing in an onsite business sign costs just 2ยข for every 1000 views. Costs can range anywhere from $8 for a small sign to upwards of $100 for a larger sign; naturally the size, material, color, and content that the sign company can provide is a determining factor.

7. Increase Local Customers
85% of your customers live within a 5 mile radius of your business; if you don’t have a banner or office signs, how will your customers know about your business?

8. Make Your Business Stand Out
Half of new customers will try a product or business based on the look of its on-premise sign alone.

9. Make Your Customers Feel Special
72% of customers respond to an interactive message if they are in sight of the suggested retail location, according to an IBM study.

10. Get The Attention of Someone Who Can’t Look Away
Over 1/3 of customers will look at an outdoor ad every time or most of the time that they pass it.

These top 10 benefits of having a professional sign may make you reconsider the role of sign companies.